About Home to Sweet Home

Business owners Rita Bruechert and Lisa Bevens have prayed, played, worked and raised children together since they were introduced to each other by their church pastor in 1999. Their husbands and children support the belief that they were meant to join together for a special reason, which is just one of the motivations for starting Home to Sweet Home.


RitaRita Bruechert

began working with seniors in their homes in 1999 and soon realized that this was the kind of work she could see herself doing forever.  She has a long list of senior friends that she has provided home care & companionship to since she started, including downsizing and move management.  Though she has also had other jobs since then, her heart and hands continually brought her back to serving seniors for the joy it brings her.  Rita lives in Lakeland, MN with her husband; together they have 6 children and one naughty golden retriever.  Rita can be reached at ritab@hometosweethome.com


LisaLisa Bevens

is a retired Bank Manager who has served clients of all ages since 1982.  She admits she has always favored her senior clients and especially enjoyed hearing about how their life experiences, work ethics, and family values got them where they are today.  Lisa found it very fulfilling to help her aging customers manage their finances through ever-changing economic conditions.   She has also provided home and companion care to seniors at various times, including move management.  She is known by staff and clients to lend a compassionate ear while serving clients’ needs.  Lisa lives in Stillwater, MN with her husband; together they have 2 children and one sassy cat.  Lisa can be reached at lisab@hometosweethome.com

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