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We handle everything from planning and packing to moving & unpacking so that settling into a new home can truly become a pleasant experience.  

Home to Sweet Home exists to bring joy, compassion, and efficiency to seniors in transition. We impact lives of seniors and their families with practices that honor and dignify our clients throughout the moving process, going the extra mile to ease their stress.  We handle all the details of downsizing and moving, so families can preserve their time for what matters most.

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The tasks involved in managing any move can be overwhelming, time consuming, and emotionally draining. For seniors the task may seem insurmountable. Home to Sweet Home understands how the aging process often brings on health challenges and potential memory loss, which may contribute to anxieties over change. We have the organizational skills and move experience to ease the transition by gently and tenderly caring for our clients and their possessions to give them peace of mind and comfort in the process. We are always considerate of the emotional, physical, and dietary needs of our clients during this stressful event. We bring a calm, capable, and steady presence to your transition.

About Us

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For over 15 years, we have personally helped families and their aging parents within their current living conditions. Soon we found ourselves helping our own loved ones navigate the physically and emotionally draining process of downsizing and moving. In January of 2014, we began this company with a focus on helping older adults within our own communities to transition into new living situations. And while we don’t exclusively work with seniors, we have become experts in resources that exist within the vast network we have established with other senior workers. Our focus is on providing a personal and compassionate experience in what can often be a difficult and emotional life transition.

Rita Bruechert

Rita Bruechert

I began working with seniors in their homes in 1999 and soon realized that this was the kind of work I saw myself doing for a career. I have many senior friends that I’ve provided home care & companionship to since I started. Those with physical or cognitive limitations have helped me to gain an understanding of how to customize the processes to suit their needs. My first move management experience was for a dear friend who moved from the long-time family home to a much smaller condo shortly after the spouse’s death. That experience showed me how, even when a lifetime of memories is celebrated, big transitions are bound to be emotionally draining. Though I’ve had other jobs since then, my heart and hands continually bring me back to serving seniors for the joy it brings me and them.

Lisa Bevens

Lisa Bevens

I’m a retired Bank Manager who has served clients of all ages since 1982. I admit, I’ve always favored my senior clients, and even spent free time providing home and companion care on and off. I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and most of that work included services that included older populations. I take particular pleasure in hearing stories about people’s life experiences, work ethics, and family values because that’s what’s most important to me. My first move management experience was for my own father, when a small medical procedure went poorly for him resulting in his inability to remain in his own home. It’s easy for me to empathize with today’s families when I recall how overwhelming that process was for mine, especially without benefit of all the resources I’m aware of today. I am known by staff and clients to lend a compassionate ear while serving their needs.


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